Osler Alumni Recognition Awards 2012


We are pleased to introduce the Osler Alumni Recognition Awards program to honour our alumni who have distinguished themselves through their contributions to the profession and the community at large.

The awards recognize the achievements of these exceptional individuals:

Osler Alumni Young Leader Award

Honours an alumnus who is under the age of 50, who has demonstrated excellence and outstanding leadership within his or her organization and made a significant difference as a result.

Howard Grosfield - President and CEO, Amex Bank of Canada

Osler Alumni Culture and Values Award

Awarded to alumni who exemplify Osler values and have provided thought leadership and enduring contributions to our team-based culture.

William M. Bryden
J. Timothy Kennish

Osler Alumni Extraordinary Achievement Award

Recognizes the achievements of an alumnus who epitomizes excellence in the profession and who has made a difference in law and/or business throughout his or her career. Reserved for an alumnus who has attained extremely high station within the profession and in service to society.

Purdy Crawford

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