Recent Osler Updates

In case you missed them, here are some recent Osler Updates on topics of potential interest for your business. Bill C-10, the Budget Implementation Act which was tabled by Canada's Minister of Finance on February 6, 2009, proposes amendments to several financial institution statutes.That Bill also proposes significant changes to the Competition Act and the Investment Canada Act.

A new principles-based legislative framework governing the trading of both exchange traded derivatives and over-the-counter derivatives in the province of Québec is now in force. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has issued its final rule to modernize and update its oil and gas reserves disclosure requirements. The Supreme Court of Canada's decision in the BCE case affirms that the directors' fiduciary duty is owed to the corporation and not any particular constituency.

Budget Bill Proposes Significant Amendments to Financial Institution Statutes

Major Changes to Competition Law Proposed

Québec Derivatives Act and Québec Derivatives Regulation Now In Force

SEC Issues Final Rule to Modernize Oil and Gas Reporting Requirements

Key Lessons from the BCE Decision