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The term-limit era has begun

Osler’s Andrew MacDougall discusses board term-limit and renewal issues with Listed magazine, recommending a process by which boards can assess its practices in these areas. 

December 2014

Osler lawyer’s efforts make traffic court disclosure the norm for self-represented litigants in Ontario

The pro bono efforts of Osler’s Mary Paterson have been instrumental in making Crown disclosure a reality for self-represented litigants in Ontario’s traffic court. 

Dec. 17, 2014

Resource revenue sharing 'not going away'

Osler’s Tom Isaac discusses the sharing of natural resource revenue with First Nations as more provinces move in that direction. 

Dec 15, 2014

Serving up a strong brew of a deal

A good read from Canadian Lawyer In-House on the leadership of general counsel Jill Sutton in the Tim Hortons-Burger King deal, with comments from Osler’s Clay Horner. The Tim Hortons-Burger King merger created the world’s third-largest restaurant company. 

Dec. 15, 2014

Corporate social responsibility is about the action, not the talk

Riyaz Dattu discusses the legal side of corporate social responsibility following the Minister of International Trade’s announcement of an “enhanced” strategy to advance the use of CSR by mining and energy companies. 

Dec 10, 2014

Newfoundland threatens to pull support for Canada-EU trade deal

Riyaz Dattu speaks with the Globe and Mail about the implications of Newfoundland not backing a Canada-EU trade deal, noting that Canada is on the hook if the province doesn’t cooperate.

Dec 9, 2014

Anti-SLAPP legislation reintroduced in Ontario

Speaking with Canadian Lawyer, Jennifer Fairfax discusses her concerns with Ontario’s anti-SLAPP legislation, noting that it could cause legitimate actions to be thrown out of court prematurely. 

Dec 8, 2014

New securities regulations pushed back until spring

Osler’s Larry Ritchie speaks with the Globe and Mail on Canada’s Cooperative Capitals Market Regulator and what the delay in its launch means to market participants. 

Dec 8, 2014

Breaking up is easy to do: Potential ‘Inco’ IPO highlights mining sector’s new reality

Doug Bryce, co-chair of Osler’s Mining Group, comments on the state of the mining sector, referencing the ‘supercycle’ theory on commodities. 

Dec 6, 2014

Proactive risk management is crucial in era of big fines, ex-law enforcers say

Speaking with Bloomberg BNA,Larry Ritchie discusses the importance of building a proactive risk management program, highlighting critical steps to help businesses manage a “spark” before it becomes an “inferno.” 

Dec 5, 2014