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Osler is pleased to provide business-critical commentary in new and innovative ways:

  • Flash Presentations and Flash Video
  • Flash Audio; and
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files. 

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Flash Presentations & Video

Multimedia presentations and Video can be watched directly from the Osler website using our website's Flash Video media player.

To Watch Video and Flash Content

  • Click on the Play icon on a Podcast/Webcast Details page

Audio Podcasts

Audio feeds, often referred to as Podcasts, are an effective alternative to the written word. These files can be listened to directly from the Osler website using our website's Flash Audio media player. You can also download these podcasts in MP3 format and listen to them directly from your computer (often Windows Media Player or iTunes), but many people prefer to download them to their MP3 player, where they can be digested on the go. Alternatively they can be delivered via an RSS feed.

To Listen Directly

  • Click on the Audio Player icon on a Podcast Details page

To Download to Your PC

  • Right-click on the Download icon link on a Podcast Details page and choose "Save Target As...". Select a location to save it to. The Report(s) can now be listened to anytime, online or offline. They can be burned to a CD for listening in your car. They can also be copied to your MP3 device. Great for time management!

To Subscribe Via Automatic Feed (RSS)

To begin accessing Osler Podcasts via automatic feed:

  1. Download and install some specific, freely available Podcast software. There are dozens to choose from. iPodder can be found for download here. Juice can be found here. Osler neither recommends nor endorses any particular vendor.
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the Podcast software, select the Podcast you would like to listen to. Copy the Podcast URL from our website into your Podcast software. E.g., http://www.osler.com/syndication/MergersAcquisitions.xml found here on our Osler Audio Reports page.
  3. Listen to an informative Osler Audio Report.

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Canada’s Anti-spam Law: Countdown to Compliance

The clock is ticking. Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL) will come into force on July 1, 2014. With only six months to plan, it is critical for businesses to put compliance planning at the top of their agenda.

Feb 18, 2014

Développements et tendances en régie d’entreprise, procédures d’assemblée et activisme des actionnaires

La présentation abordera différents sujets dont les règles relatives à l’élection des administrateurs, la procédure de livraison des documents d’assemblée (notification et accès). 

Jan 23, 2014

Osler Webinar: Business Risk Management Strategies: Key Employment Law Developments to Consider

During this webinar our panel of experts will lead a forward-looking and practical discussion of business risk management in light of recent employment law developments.  

December 2013

Osler Webinar : Internal Investigations

Formation qui se veut un guide pour mener à bien des enquêtes internes multijuridictionnelles axées sur la conformité à la loi anticorruption d’un point de vue canadien et américain.  

Nov 22, 2013