The Pipeline of P3 Deals May Slow

Tobor Emakpor

Dec 1, 2010

By Julius Melnitzer, Financial Post

Time goes slowly when you're holding your breath waiting for something to happen.

And that's the most likely explanation for the bit of unease and cynicism that appears to have hit the public-private partnership (P3) marketplace, particularly in Ontario.

"The close of 2010 marks the end of Ontario's latest five-year P3 plan, with a new 10-year plan not due out until next year," says Tobor Emakpor, a lawyer in Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP's Toronto office. "So we don't have the level of certainty we've had for the last few years about the number of projects that will be coming down the pipeline."


The fact remains, however, that every province and territory in Canada but Saskatchewan, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories has at least one P3 project on the go -- even tiny Nunavut. ... In summary, the P3 future continues to look rosy for Canada's major law firms, most of which have invested heavily in P3 and infrastructure practices.


An anecdotal survey suggests that firms that got into the game early, [including] Osler, are leading the pack.