Osler Participates in ALM Cross-Border Litigation Forum

Éric Préfontaine, Deborah Glendinning, Sonia Bjorkquist

October 15, 2012

The Cross-Border Litigation Forum was held in New York City on September 12, 2012. This one-day forum highlighted cross-border litigation trends and key decisions that affect cross-border relations and dispute resolution. Businesses today operate in a competitive and unstable global environment that routinely gives rise to cross-border litigation. Counsel advising on the management and resolution of such disputes must monitor and respond to multi-jurisdictional issues that pervade every aspect of litigation from document production to enforcement of judgments, making a comprehensive strategy imperative.

Brett Ledger, Partner, Litigation and forum Co-chair, was joined by general counsel, in-house counsel, chief legal officers and partners, to discuss strategies for developing a cutting edge approach to international litigation while keeping costs down and building strong cross-border teams.

Deborah Glendinning, Chair of the firm's National Litigation Department and Sonia Bjorkquist, Partner, Litigation, co-moderated one of the morning sessions, "Litigating a Cross-Border Class Action in Canada: What you Really Need to Know." Éric Préfontaine, Partner, Litigation, moderated an afternoon session on "Navigating U.S. and Canadian Cross-Border Evidentiary Issues: Current Trends, Critical Analysis and Successful Strategies."

To view our substantive papers entitled "Litigating a Cross-Border Class Action in Canada" and "Obtaining Evidence in Canada for Use in U.S. Litigation":