Social media: good, bad and ... cautious

Sander Duncanson

December 2012

By Barbara Balfour

Calgary Law Review, A Special Publication on Business Law by the Calgary Herald


After months agonizing over whether he should delete his Facebook profile, Sander Duncanson was pleasantly surprised when, on his first day as a summer student at a law firm, he was given instructions on how to set up his own LinkedIn account.

It was 2009, a time when profiles on Facebook and other social media were as ubiquitous as they were potentially incriminating. “I always thought social media would be discouraged because of certain things in your personal life that law firms didn’t want you broadcasting to the world,” says the 29-year-old associate at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.“Instead, the marketing manager said, ‘Here are the basics you should have — now get out there and use them.

“‘This will be the most important tool you have to develop your personal brand as you go through your career.’”