Benchmark Canada 2014 Recognizes 22 Osler Lawyers

Larry Lowenstein, Deborah Glendinning, Jeremy Dacks, Christopher Naudie, Maureen Killoran, KC, Laura Fric, Tristram Mallett, J. Bradley White, David Morritt, Mark A. Gelowitz, Allan Coleman, Tommy Gelbman

Feb 27, 2014

Osler is proud to announce that 22 of its lawyers appear in Benchmark Litigation’s 2014 issue of Benchmark Canada, its annual publication recognizing Canada’s leading litigation lawyers. These 22 lawyers were awarded a total of 21 “Litigation Star,” 17 “Local Litigation Star” and 5 “Future Star” rankings.

We congratulate the following Osler lawyers on their successful inclusion in this year’s issue, in the categories listed:

  •  Glen Bloom  (Ottawa) – Intellectual Property
  •  Allan Coleman  (Toronto) – General Commercial; Securities
  •  Silvana Conte  (Montréal) – General Commercial; Class Action
  •  Suzanne Côté  (Montréal) – General Commercial; Insurance
  •  Jeremy Dacks  (Toronto) – Insolvency
  •  Martin Desrosiers  (Montréal) – Insolvency
  •  Colin Feasby  (Calgary) – General Commercial; Securities; Energy and Natural Resources
  •  Laura Fric  (Toronto) – Class Action; General Commercial; Securities
  •  Thomas Gelbman  (Calgary) – Future Star
  •  Mark Gelowitz  (Toronto) – Class Action; General Commercial; Securities
  •  Deborah Glendinning  (Toronto) – Class Action; Product Liability
  •  George Hendy  (Montréal) – Class Action; General Commercial Arbitration
  •  Martin Ignasiak  (Calgary) – Future Star
  •  Mahmud Jamal  (Toronto) – Class Action; General Commercial; Competition; Tax; Constitutional
  •  Maureen Killoran  (Calgary) – General Commercial; Energy and Natural Resources; White Collar Crime; Aboriginal
  •  Larry Lowenstein  (Toronto) – Class Action; General Commercial; Securities
  •  Sylvain Lussier  (Montréal) – Aboriginal; General Commercial; Constitutional
  •  Tristram Mallett  (Calgary) – Class Action; Securities; General Commercial
  •  David Morritt  (Toronto) – Class Action
  •  Christopher Naudie  (Toronto) – Class Action; Competition
  •  Graham Reynolds, Q.C.  (Toronto) – General Commercial
  •  Bradley White  (Ottawa) – Intellectual Property

For a complete list of Osler’s rankings, please click here.

The results in Benchmark Canada are “a culmination of a four-month research period,” including “extensive interviews with litigators and their clients.”

For additional information, please visit Benchmark Litigation