Lexpert Names 24 Osler Partners as “Canada’s Leading Corporate Lawyers” in 2015

Firoz Ahmed, Andrew W. Aziz, Monica Biringer, Mark Brender, Douglas Bryce, Shawn Denstedt Q.C., Robert Desbarats Q.C., Jeremy Fraiberg, Jean Fraser, Shahir Guindi Ad. E., Clay Horner, Desmond Lee, Patrick Marley, Douglas Marshall, Al Meghji, Emmanuel Pressman, Robert Raizenne, Rocco Sebastiano, Richard Tremblay, Marc Wasserman, Craig Wright

June 2015

We are pleased to announce that 24 Osler lawyers have been named “Canada’s Leading Corporate Lawyers” in the 2014/15 Lexpert/ROB Special Edition on the Leading Corporate Lawyers in Canada. We congratulate the following lawyers on their inclusion in the special edition:

  • Firoz Ahmed (Toronto)
  • Andrew Aziz (Toronto)
  • Monica Biringer (Toronto)
  • Noralee Bradley (Calgary)
  • Mark Brender (Montréal)
  • Douglas Bryce (Toronto)
  • Shawn Denstedt (Calgary)
  • Robert Desbarats (Calgary)
  • Jeremy Fraiberg (Toronto)
  • Jean Fraser (Toronto)
  • Shahir Guindi (Montréal)
  • Clay Horner (Toronto)
  • Desmond Lee (Toronto)
  • Patrick Marley (Toronto)
  • Douglas Marshall (Toronto)
  • Al Meghji (Toronto)
  • Emmanual Pressman (Toronto)
  • Robert Raizenne (Montréal)
  • Rocco Sebastiano (Toronto)
  • Edward Sellers (Toronto)
  • R.J. (Jack) Thrasher (Calgary)
  • Richard Tremblay (Toronto)
  • Marc Wasserman (Toronto)
  • Craig Wright (Ottawa)

Selection for the special edition is based on Lexpert’s annual peer review surveys, which determine the leaders in Canadian law practice in key markets and across more than 60 practice area specialties.

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