Meet Osler’s Chief Client Officer Colleen Moorehead

Colleen Moorehead

Nov 19, 2015

The Globe and Mail’s Tim Kiladze recently sat down for lunch with our own Colleen Moorehead for the profile article “Colleen Moorehead – Osler’s high-energy, well-connected chief client officer.” In their conversation, Colleen shares her insight and experiences, including the path to her current role as Chief Client Officer at Osler and the challenges she took on along the way. She also talks about family life and the volunteer initiatives she carves out time for, which have played a role in her recently being named a 2015 Catalyst Canada Honours Champion.

While it’s difficult to determine the campaign that has “mattered to her most,” Colleen says that pushing for more diversity in Corporate Canada – both from inclusion and business case perspectives – has been on her mind the longest. This explains her long-time involvement with The Judy Project, first as a founding partner and now as its business development director.

The Judy Project, named after the late Microsoft Canada executive Judy Elder, is designed to support and prepare women for executive leadership roles. According to the article, more than 300 future leaders have completed the program, enabling them to build personal support networks as they ascend the corporate ladder.

Highly connected and, as Tim states, refreshingly authentic, Colleen is often approached by women looking for advice on joining corporate boards and charitable campaigns. Because each person is different, it’s hard to define one formula for success that fits all. But Colleen reveals she has a theory: “Most good things happen to people because they put their hand in the air.” It’s a short but powerful statement, which, the article notes, is not only a succinct way of summing up her career but also serves as a smart tip for the next generation.

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