The Broad Sweep of Change

Andrew MacDougall

January/February 2015

Gordon Pitts, Director Journal

To help mark the 25th year of publication of Directors’ Responsibilities in Canada, a collaboration between Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP and the Institute of Corporate Directors, the law firm assembled a panel of veteran directors to discuss the dramatic transformation of boards over the last quarter century. Business journalist Gordon Pitts recorded and edited the two-part roundtable discussion.

In the first installment, the directors discuss changes in the critical relationship between boards and management.

In the final session, the panellists look at the internal workings of boards in terms of recruitment, performance and the role of that all-important director credential – personal judgment. They also provide perspective on the governance challenges ahead in a world of powerful, and often competing, stakeholders.

The panel included Osler’s Brian Levitt and Andrew MacDougall as well as Nancy Hopkins, Dallas Howe, John Thompson and Raymond Royer.

This article originally appeared in the Director Journal, a publication of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD). Permission has been granted by the ICD to use this article for non-commercial purposes including research, educational materials and online resources. Other uses, such as selling or licensing copies, are prohibited.