Bay Street lawyers big beneficiaries of recent M&A boom — The Globe and Mail

Jeremy Fraiberg

Sept. 16, 2016

The current boom in mergers and acquisitions is giving Big Law a big boost, according to an article in The Globe and Mail. In their article in the Report on Business, Tim Kiladze and Christina Pellegrini explain how the recent flurry of mega transactions has benefited larger firms in particular because these deals usually require a broad range of legal expertise. That, in turn, means larger legal teams are needed to complete the transactions, which is where big firms can shine, according to Jeremy Fraiberg, Co-chair of Osler’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group.

“The value of these full-service firms is demonstrated in complex business critical transactions, such as the recently announced mega-M&A deals,” Jeremy tells The Globe and Mail.

The article goes on to discuss the importance of this recent uptick in M&A and cross-border transactions for larger law firms from a financial perspective and discusses the importance of a collaborative approach within the legal sector.

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