Company disclosures on women show Canada’s spinning its wheels – Bloomberg

Andrew MacDougall

Sep 13, 2016

A recent Bloomberg news piece by Natalie Obiko Pearson reviews the current state of gender diversity on corporate boards in Canada. In the article, Pearson cites research from Catalyst as well as from the Canada chapter of the 30% Club which is about to release a white paper revealing that women are underrepresented at the board level in every Canadian industry. The piece also relies heavily on data contained in Osler’s latest report on the subject, Diversity Disclosure Practices, which examines leadership diversity at TSX-listed companies.

According to the Osler report, Pearson explains, Canadian companies have made “little progress” in achieving gender parity on boards – almost half of TSX-listed companies have zero women on their board. However, she concludes, relying again on the Osler report, Canadian companies are at least becoming more aware of the issue with 62% of the disclosing companies indicating that that consider gender when filling executive-level positions – up from 58% last year.  

For more information about gender diversity in corporate Canada, read the full article "Company disclosures on women show Canada’s spinning its wheels" from Bloomberg’s September 12, 2016 issue or download Osler’s 2016 Diversity Disclosure Practices report.