After two-year lull, mining IPOs are on the rebound — The Globe and Mail

Alan Hutchison

Oct. 10, 2017

The mining initial public offering (IPO) market in Canada is trending upward, Osler partner Alan Hutchison tells The Globe and Mail. In his article, author Niall McGee examines how the mining IPO market appears to be rebounding after several years of stagnant activity. The article outlines the contributing factors to this comeback and points to three new mining IPOs being announced in the past month alone as evidence of an uptick in activity. Alan, partner and Co-Chair of Osler’s National Mining Group, explains the implications.

“Three IPOs doesn’t make a market, but it certainly is a positive trend that we haven’t seen in a couple of years,” Alan tells The Globe and Mail.

Alan also tells The Globe and Mail that over the past few years, “mining companies have gotten back to basics,” and have focused on “core projects, cleaning up their balance sheets, and becoming more disciplined around cost controls — factors that have improved sentiment among investors.”

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