Alberta entrepreneur finds mentorship through Osler

Frank Turner

July 6, 2017

Katie Nedjelski, an Calgary-based entrepreneur, first pitched her business Girl Gotch at an ATB BoostR event in October 2016. As Katie describes in episode three of ATB BoostR’s Docuseries with @GirlGotch, she has an emerging company that sells “comfortable underwear for confident children,” and like many emerging companies, was seeking funding. In the video, Katie explains how she recently received a $100,000 investment for 10% of her company. This is a situation many of our emerging company clients find themselves in, and they look to Osler’s Emerging and High Growth Companies Practice Group to assist them in navigating such milestones in their business lifecycle. View the video below to see how Frank Turner, one of the leaders in our Emerging and High Growth Companies Group, works through this latest development with Katie over a cup of coffee.

Watch the @GirlGotch Docuseries on Mentorship video

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