Are AI tools actually being used in Canadian M&A due diligence? — Lexpert

Natalie Munroe

Sept. 13, 2017

With new innovations around artificial intelligence (AI) permeating the legal industry, Natalie Munroe, head of Osler Works — Transactional, tells Lexpert that understanding how to creatively use these new technologies is “the new stock in trade” for lawyers. In her article, author Jean Cumming explores the relationship between AI and the legal sector, and outlines the types of new technologies that are being applied to streamline the delivery of legal services. Natalie, who supports Osler’s drive to deliver legal services more efficiently, explains how the firm’s use of new technologies can create cost-effective solutions for clients.

“We have a team at Osler Works — Transactional who are in the market every day looking at new ways of deploying smart technology,” Natalie tells Lexpert. “That is our job: to be creative and curious in scanning the landscape for new ways of doing things. We are working collaboratively and intensively with our preferred vendors in order to customize new solutions for clients.”

Natalie says that it’s key to embrace these new tools, as Osler is doing through its Osler Works platforms, and that they are most effective when used in conjunction with legal professionals.

“The creative use of technology is the new stock in trade for a lawyer,” Natalie tells Lexpert. “Technology pre-packaged without smart users and engaged clients is not a sustainable model and not the way we work at Osler. The weakness in these sophisticated technologies is that they are not the ‘plug and play’ automated solution some expect them to be.

“Knowledge of the software and how to apply it is key. … The software augments the legal expertise, but at this stage, it cannot replace the legal judgment that must be applied to complex issues.”

For more information, read Jean Cumming’s article “Are AI tools actually being used in Canadian M&A due diligence?” which is part of a feature article “Artificial Intelligence: Due diligence 3.0” in Lexpert.