Bombardier trade dispute: “We appear to be entering a new phase” — CBA National

Riyaz Dattu

Oct. 3, 2017

Osler partner Riyaz Dattu tells CBA National that the 219% anti-subsidy duty imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce on Bombardier’s C Series aircraft is “an astounding number.” In his article, author Justin Ling explores the trade dispute between Bombardier and Boeing and the implications. Riyaz, who specializes in international trade and investment law, questions the number and says the “America First” rhetoric espoused by U.S. President Donald Trump may inspire more companies to file these types of claims.

“It’s fair to say that the Department of Commerce decisions have typically been protectionist in the United States,” Riyaz tells CBA National. “But I think we appear to be entering a new phase.”

In an article in SNL Financial, Riyaz says the tariff imposed was “far in excess of what Boeing had asked for or calculated.”

Riyaz also discusses the impact of the trade dispute on the NAFTA renegotiations in an article in Law360.

“While the trade remedies process is being done parallel to the NAFTA renegotiations, the Boeing case is going to very much influence the thinking of the negotiators in terms of what they would consider to be essentials for a renegotiated NAFTA,” Riyaz tells Law360.

For more information, read Justin Ling’s article “Bombardier trade dispute: ‘We appear to be entering a new phase” in CBA National and Alex Lawson’s article “Aircraft trade feud casts imposing shadow on NAFTA effort” in Law360. If you subscribe to SNL Financial, read Paula Schaap’s article “Bombardier ruling raises stakes for Canadian NAFTA negotiators.”