Boning up on business — Lexpert Magazine

John M. Valley

Aug. 10, 2017

Understanding the complexities of modern business and its interaction within the legal framework is a core skill for business lawyers to have in order to provide tailored legal advice to clients. That’s why it is important for students and young lawyers to learn the business fundamentals at the early stages of their careers, according to an article by Bev Cline in the July/August 2017 Student Recruitment Special edition of Lexpert Magazine. As part of its own commitment to initiatives aimed at bolstering students’ business acumen, Osler has been running a BizBasics series at both Western Law and the Queen’s Faculty of Law. John Valley, a partner in Osler’s Corporate Practice Group and a driving force behind BizBasics, says the series has been extremely popular with students. John also explains why this will help young legal professionals better service their clients.

The intention of the series is “to provide law students who don’t have formal business education with a foundation to build from, as well as get them comfortable with the core business concepts that will help them understand and meet clients’ needs as they enter practice,” John tells Lexpert Magazine.

BizBasics is administered by Osler lawyers and senior administrators, and focuses on hard and soft skills, along with portions dedicated to networking and Q&A.

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