Business risk from climate change now top of mind for Canada’s corporate boards – The Globe and Mail

Andrew MacDougall

Nov 22, 2017

As climate change is becoming top of mind for Canada’s corporate directors, Osler partner Andrew MacDougall tells The Globe and Mail that a lack of “defined standards” on how various companies disclose climate-related risks is leading to inconsistency. In her article, author Alexandra Posadzki examines the increased climate risk-related scrutiny boards are facing in Canada. The article also explains how companies are under pressure from investors and stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprint. Andrew, who specializes in corporate governance, explains why there is much work to be done.

“There aren’t defined standards on exactly what companies should be measuring and how to measure it and how to report on it,” Andrew tells The Globe and Mail. “The practices tend to vary between issuers, not only in terms of the amount of disclosure that is available, but also the elements that are disclosed.”

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