Canada seeks business input on NAFTA renegotiation priorities — Bloomberg BNA

Riyaz Dattu

June 5, 2017

Canadian businesses should take advantage of the opportunity to provide input on the Canadian government’s priorities during NAFTA renegotiations, Osler partner Riyaz Dattu tells Bloomberg BNA. In his article, author Peter Menyasz outlines the consultation process relating to the government’s request for input from the public when NAFTA renegotiations begin. The article describes how the government is seeking “information on the areas that have been the most beneficial to Canadian exporters.” Riyaz, a partner in Osler’s Competition/Antitrust Practice Group and an international trade and investment law expert, says businesses need to weigh in and let their priorities be known for what should be maintained in the agreement and what should be revamped.

“We’re advising our clients that they need to have their voices heard,” Riyaz tells Bloomberg BNA.

Riyaz also tells Bloomberg BNA that “a huge debate is expected on the process in Chapter 19 for resolving disputes over anti-dumping and countervailing duties.” Riyaz warns that “if enough companies don’t show support for that position, the government could trade the process away for other priorities,” according to the article.

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