Canadian investors betting big on U.S. clean energy sector — Law360

Jacob A. Sadikman

June 28, 2017

Canadian investors are increasingly betting on U.S. renewable energy companies, according to an article in Law360. In his article, author Keith Goldberg describes how Canadian asset management firms have been investing billions of dollars into U.S. renewables even in the face of the Trump administration’s focus on fossil fuels. Jacob Sadikman, a partner in Osler’s Construction and Infrastructure Group, discusses this trend of Canadian firms pursuing energy infrastructure assets in the U.S.

"Anything in North America is, frankly, seen as the backyard for all of those investors," Jacob tells Law360. "Because of the amount of development activity that's going on, you have these large institutional players that have collections of assets in the U.S. and Canada and can fit them all together."

Jacob also says there is plenty of interest in clean energy development.

“The interest in infrastructure assets is there, the question is how many opportunities will there be for new build,” Jacob tells Law360. “You have these pockets of renewable energy development that don’t necessarily track with national trends.”    

For more information, read Keith Goldberg’s article “Canadian investors betting big on U.S. clean energy sector” in Law360.