Better late than never: Canadian firms are finding ways to innovate — The American Lawyer

Michael Fekete

Dec. 3, 2018

Osler partner Mike Fekete tells The American Lawyer that the “core” of what the firm is trying to do involves delivering value to clients “through technology” and combining that with “the best legal minds.” In her article, author Meghan Tribe explores the theme of legal innovation and how new technologies have disrupted the legal landscape. The article discusses Osler Works — the firm’s platform for innovation and leveraging technological disruption to deliver more client value. Mike, a partner in Osler’s Technology Group and the firm’s National Innovation Leader, explains the importance of leveraging new opportunities and technologies.

“Firms can stand still at their peril, or they can look to understand the constructive change and identify opportunities for leveraging it,” Mike tells The American Lawyer.

Mike adds that firms should be “demonstrating to clients that they’re able to deliver more value through technology, through lower-cost delivery on repeatable tasks, through better process, and combining it with the best legal minds. That’s the core of what we’re trying to do.”

Mike also says that Osler understands the importance of approaching things from the perspective of the client.

“Everything we’re doing is client-focused,” Mike tells The American Lawyer. “We ask ourselves, ‘If I was the chief privacy officer, what would I want? If I was the general counsel responsible for deals at a financial institution, what tools would I want? What low-cost services would I expect?’”

The article also explores how Osler has recently launched several unique self-help tools — including the Doing Business in Canada guide, the merger notification tool, and Osler Code Detect — designed with an array of client needs in mind.

“It’s indicative of our approach with all these tools,” Mike tells The American Lawyer. “We want clients to see [Osler] as a place to come when they’re doing business, not just when they have a problem.”

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