Osler Works is automating transactional tasks at lower cost – Legal Tech Link

Natalie Munroe

Sep. 18, 2018

In the Summer 2018 edition of Legal Tech Link, Jennifer Brown, the managing editor of Canadian Lawyer InHouse magazine and Law Times, profiles Osler Works, the firm’s innovative service delivery initiative. In particular, Brown focuses on Osler Works – Transactional, a specialized group of lawyers and other professionals that leverages cutting-edge technology to assist deal teams with transaction-related matters, including due diligence and closing services. To provide insight into the initiative and the ways it benefits clients, Brown turns to Natalie Munroe, the head of Osler Works – Transactional, based in Ottawa. Natalie explains that the goal is to lower costs while “enhancing quality and consistency.”

“The initial thought behind [Osler Works – Transactional] was to have a small group dedicated to providing due diligence services for corporate,” she says, “and very quickly it ballooned into not just due diligence for corporate.

“Then all of a sudden we started going down a path where we would also provide closing services really focused on the process and execution of closings. Within a month we were barreling down multiple tracks with those two services and far broader in terms of its scope than initially contemplated. So, it went from small to quite large and just continues to explode in all different directions because there is so much demand.”

Natalie goes on to describe how the scope of the group’s services continues to broaden and evolve. “On the closing side we help with a lot of the process and execution of closings and work with quite a substantial number of deal teams as well as starting more and more on the commercial side. We really started with our emerging companies group because they were so hungry for change,” she says. “They really helped us get started. We’re starting to see more corporate transactions, banking transactions, and other different types of transactions on the closing side.”

Learn more by reading the full article by Jennifer Brown, “Osler Works is automating transactional tasks at lower cost,” in the Summer 2018 issue of Legal Tech Link