Provincial election means energy sector uncertainty — Law Times

Elliot A. Smith

May 7, 2018

The upcoming Ontario provincial election is creating uncertainty for the province’s energy sector, according to an article in Law Times, as candidates tout platforms to reduce electricity rates. In his article, author Shannon Kari examines how the energy sector might be affected by the political promises of the various candidates.  The article discusses key provisions in the Liberal government’s Long-Term Energy Plan (the Plan), unveiled last fall (originally introduced in 2010 and revised in 2013). Elliot Smith, a partner in Osler’s Construction Group, explains.

The 2017 version of the Plan “is less ambitious than the first two in 2010 and 2013,” Elliot tells Law Times. “There is less about specific projects for the system and more about consulting and the planning process.”

Elliot says the upcoming election is likely causing the change in focus.

“There is legitimate sensitivity about the cost of power,” he tells Law Times. “The current plan is trying to mitigate the impact on cost.” Elliot adds that there “may be opportunities for smaller-scale projects that are more regional in nature within the province.”

For more information, read Shannon Kari’s full article “Provincial election means energy sector uncertainty” in Law Times