There’s a new wildcard in our rocky NAFTA talks — Mexico’s populist president-elect — Financial Post

Riyaz Dattu

July 3, 2018

Osler partner Riyaz Dattu tells the Financial Post that the election of Mexico’s incoming populist president Andrés Manuel López Obrador could have a ripple effect on NAFTA renegotiations. In his article, author Jesse Snyder examines the impact of the new Mexican government on NAFTA talks, including contentious issues like the U.S.’s proposal to introduce minimum wage standards in Mexico’s auto sector. Riyaz, an international trade expert who has written extensively on NAFTA renegotiations, explains why this political shift could introduce new uncertainty into the discussions.

“I could see this becoming a wedge between Canada and Mexico,” Riyaz tells Financial Post.

The article goes on to explain how U.S. officials had urged Canada to take a hard position on Mexican labour issues and how various political forces could be a factor in determining the outcome of NAFTA renegotiations.

For more information, read Jesse Snyder’s article “There’s a new wildcard in our rocky NAFTA talks — Mexico’s populist president-elect” in the Financial Post