Reforming privacy in the age of AI — CBA/ABC National

Mar 5, 2019

Osler counsel Patricia Kosseim tells CBA/ABC National that changes to Canada’s privacy and data rules and regulations may be on the horizon as artificial intelligence (AI) gains momentum and comes under increased scrutiny. In her article, author Agnese Smith examines the balance between privacy, AI business models and the regulatory framework that governs them. The article explores the potential next steps after a “House of Commons review that called for Canadian policymakers to ‘act urgently to better protect the privacy of Canadians.’” Patricia, a counsel in Osler’s Privacy and Data Management Group, says she anticipates some type of reform to Canada’s data regulations.

“There is growing recognition that [privacy laws] may be in need of updating,” Patricia tells CBA/ABC National. “But it’s unclear what stakeholders really want. While there seem to be more voices advocating for change today than there were several years ago, they have different reasons why and diverging views as to how.”

The article goes on to discuss the economic benefits and evolving nature of AI and how shoring up privacy regulations is important.

For more information, read author Agnese Smith’s article “Reforming privacy in the age of AI” in CBA/ABC National.