Legal tech market rebounding after COVID-19 dip – Law Times

Gillian S.G. Scott

Sep 11, 2020

Osler partner Gillian Scott tells Law Times that while there were initial challenges in the legal tech market at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, there are opportunities arising moving forward. In his article, author Aidan Macnab explores the impact of COVID-19 on legal tech and how it’s important for firms to prioritize the adoption of legal technology and sophisticated tools in order to better serve clients. Gillian, Partner, Innovative Products at Osler (and a former partner in the firm’s Litigation Group), understands first-hand the importance of implementing legal technologies and the associated challenges of selling new products during COVID-19. In her unique, client-facing business role, Gillian leads the development, staffing, pricing, launch and sale of new legal service offerings to address clients’ pain points and service gaps, including Osler Dash, the Franchise and Distribution Group’s automated franchise disclosure and e-contracting product.

“Trying to sell new products during a pandemic is extraordinarily difficult. Selling legal products in and of itself is not an easy slog, but during a pandemic when people are scrambling to make sure that their businesses remain viable is not a great time to be pitching new legal offerings,” Gillian tells Law Times.

“As we're coming out of it, it's actually building some opportunity.”

Through the firm’s Osler Works – Innovation Program, we fund new projects and provide expert guidance, technology, resources and project management support. Our Innovation Council and team of knowledge management and project management specialists work with lawyers across all of our practices to streamline service delivery and develop new tools and products.

For more information on the impact of COVID-19 on legal tech and what to expect moving forward, read author Aidan Macnab’s article “Legal tech market rebounding after COVID-19 dip” in Law Times.