Op-ed – Brad Wall on the COVID-19 crisis: How to help the oil and gas sector, now and in the long term

Brad Wall

Apr 8, 2020

In a recent op-ed for the National Post, Brad Wall, a Special Advisor in Osler’s Calgary office, discusses the need for federal and provincial governments to focus on both the current and long-term economic impacts of COVID-19 amidst their health and public safety efforts, which, he states, presents an opportunity for Canada to become more self-sufficient, more agile, more innovative and stronger on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The op-ed was published as part of a new Post series that examines how Canada, a country that has been "made wealthy by globalization and trade can also protect itself against pandemics and other unknown future shocks to ensure some of our immense resources and economic power are reserved for our own security” – and, as such, become more secure by becoming more self-sufficient.

In the op-ed, Brad discusses the efforts that some provincial governments, including Alberta and British Columbia, have been taking to deal with both short-and long-term challenges presented by the pandemic, and acknowledges that dealing with both simultaneously can be done. This “ambidextrous approach” and “long-term thinking beyond the crisis” could support long-term recovery, which, he states, could perhaps even involve resetting policies in certain sectors, including the energy sector.

Brad proposes that one of the opportunities that the federal and provincial governments could look at is to develop a Canadian oil and gas economic aid package that could support employees and companies in the short- and mid-term, while providing a long-term view and policy for the essential industry. He outlines the various possible components of the package that could support the industry’s future and could perhaps, Brad states, help communicate that Canada should be a responsible and leading supplier.

For more of Brad’s insight, read the full op-ed, “Brad Wall on the COVID-19 crisis: How to help the oil and gas sector, now and in the long term” in the National Post.