The new tools of the trade – National Magazine

Michael Fekete

Jul 30, 2020

With everyone working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, law firms have had to rethink the way they work and the way they deliver legal services – and many, including Osler, have met the challenge head on. In a recent article in the Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine, writer Brent Dowdall examines the various initiatives and innovative processes firms are deploying to maintain productivity and continue meeting clients’ needs. As part of his research, Dowdall consults a number of lawyers, including Michael Fekete, Osler’s National Innovation Leader, who provides insight on the firm’s strategy for dealing with the new normal.

“We’re using tools for internal purposes that we haven’t used historically when it comes to work from home,” Michael explains. “Like virtually all firms or most large firms, we have massively increased our capacity to do that.

“On the legal tech front, what the pandemic demonstrated is the importance of resilience in the delivery of services, and the use of technology to streamline these technologies, processes and different teams of people to streamline delivery of legal services – whether you’re in-house or a law firm,” he adds.

The article goes on to discuss the suite of innovative tools and products available from Osler, many of which were developed for clients to use on their own, including our Doing Business in Canada guide and Board Diversity Policy Template.

To learn more, read Brent Dowdall’s full article “The new tools of the trade” in the July 27, 2020 edition of National Magazine.