What does it take to be an elite rainmaker? – Precedent Magazine

Joyce M. Bernasek

May 28, 2020

Part of what has made Osler partner Joyce Bernasek successful in her career is really caring about her clients’ business and success, she tells Precedent Magazine. Joyce was profiled as part of a feature article by author Conan Tobias about what it takes to become an elite rainmaker. The article tracks Joyce’s career path to becoming “one of the top rainmakers” at Osler. Joyce says it’s important to have certain soft skills as well.

“I’m an excellent listener,” Joyce tells Precedent Magazine. “And I care. I care about my clients’ business. I care about their success. And I want to be a part of that.”

Once Joyce became a partner in Osler’s Financial Services Group, she says the firm helped her reach what she considers a “turning point” in her career by sending her to a rainmaking conference for women.

“The takeaway from that, for me, was that you may not see yourself as a rainmaker per se, but you can become a rainmaker,” she says, adding that being extroverted isn’t necessarily the key to being a successful rainmaker. “I think it’s generalized that rainmakers have to be extroverts. The sort of person who walks around at a party, shakes hands with 50 people, gets a bunch of cards and is quite loud.”

Joyce also says that being strategic about attending networking functions is especially important given her busy life at home.

“I have three young kids and an investment-banker husband, so our schedules don’t really permit much nighttime activity,” Joyce tells Precedent Magazine. “So I don’t go to parties cold. I research who’s going to be there, identify who I want to meet and I go and meet them.”

Joyce also says that maintaining regular contact with her clients is always important, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, to let them know she is there to help.

“Every week, I’m in touch with 15 to 20 people on a continual basis,” Joyce says. “It’s a repetitive and consistent system.

“If I work on one thing for an existing client and I see something else that might be of interest to them, I reach out. That’s increased even more as the COVID-19 situation has evolved. It’s doubly important to stay in touch with clients right now and let them know we’re here to help them.”

For more information, read the article “What does it take to be an elite rainmaker?” by author Conan Tobias in Precedent Magazine on May 28, 2020.