Importance of agricultural sector highlighted during the pandemic, Brad Wall tells conference

Brad Wall

Jun 17, 2021

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of the global food chain and has placed a renewed focus on agriculture, Osler Special Advisor Brad Wall told participants during a fireside chat at the two-day Canada’s Farm Show in Regina.

“I think the future is very bright for this sector,” says Brad. “There is global demand for many of the foods produced here in Saskatchewan, including grains and lentils. The plant-based protein sector is also really coming into its own.”

Also, canola oil will be looked upon as a renewable fuel and a partial replacement for diesel.

Brad emphasizes the importance of trade missions as a means for provinces to sell their products to other countries. The federal government typically takes the lead for this activity. “A province needs to focus on its own interests and be present,” he says.

Brad also said it is important for Saskatchewan and other agriculture-based provinces to be involved in further carbon tax discussions. “It looks like this tax is here to stay and it will have an impact on the bottom line,” he says.  “It is best for the sector to be involved in discussions about the administration of the tax and its plans for the future to achieve the best outcome possible.”

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