Osler’s Sam Ip participates as a judge in BC Hacks 2.0

Sam Ip

Feb 23, 2021

A screengrab of some of the winners from BC Hacks 2.0.

Osler is proud to announce that Sam Ip, a senior associate in the firm’s Technology Group, participated as a judge in BC Hacks 2.0  from February 20-21, 2021. The hackathon, held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was co-organized by Shaya Selincourt, Shreyasi Chauhan and other student leaders from the University of British Columbia’s Computer Science Course Union. The hackathon comprised more than 104 participants that formed more than 45 teams representing British Columbia, as well as Vietnam, China and Nigeria.

Unlike many other hackathons, this year’s BC Hacks 2.0 was open-ended in nature, though strongly encouraged innovation, creativity and learning new technologies. The winning team challenged itself with developing a full-fledged video game in the span of 24 hours leveraging the Unity2D engine (a platform that supports the development of 2D Games) based in C#. Impressively, this team delivered —“Whirlwind Smasher” created a 2D side scrolling game where the main character, Grog, smashes its way through a series of enemies and obstacles in a ‘whirlwind’-like state. Other teams, such as the runner-up, Roam, focused on solutions in the current COVID-19 climate. Roam developed a social platform aimed to mitigate the effects of fatigue from video calls (tiredness, worry, burnout associated with the overuse of video platforms).

Participating in BC Hacks 2.0 aligns well with Osler’s focus on encouraging innovative ideas and practices throughout our firm, including within British Columbia’s emerging and high tech sector. Osler is deeply embedded in the emerging and high growth space throughout Canada - we are a sponsor of the Creative Destruction Lab West and several key accelerators. Osler Works is our platform for developing new and better ways to serve our clients. Through Osler Works, we foster the development of new products, service offerings and delivery models that will drive down costs, increase delivery speed and enhance deliverables to meet your needs. Innovation at Osler is about you and your business. By rethinking and rebuilding the way we practice law, we help you achieve more with less..

Innovation is at the core of who we are as a firm. Some examples of Osler’s innovation at work include our Osler Works services (including Osler Works - Transactional and Osler Works - Disputes), our AccessPrivacy By Osler offering and more. Our leading Emerging and High Growth Companies Group is at the forefront of Canada’s fast-paced technology sector, and we have strong connections with entrepreneurs and extensive experience working side by side with the leaders of early, growth and late-stage ventures.

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