Pushing for healthier choices – CBA National

Andrew MacDougall

Jun 18, 2021

Investors in many parts of the world are applying increasing pressure on supermarkets and food suppliers to sell healthier foods and fewer that are unhealthy. It is the latter that is linked to rising obesity and serious disease. Osler’s Andrew MacDougall, a partner in the Corporate group, commented to CBA National, the online publication of the Canadian Bar Association, that it is unlikely Canadian food giants will face similar calls to break out junk food sales figures, as is being requested in other jurisdictions, at least for the time being.

“It does not seem likely that this issue will develop momentum in Canada,” says Andrew. “For a retail operator, it would be important to be responsive to the need to support healthy food choices, but I am not seeing a particular advantage to investors on reporting on these numbers publicly.”

 “We will see if something precipitates a change in Canada,” he added.

The pandemic has highlighted the critical role the food sector plays in keeping people healthy. Almost two-thirds of Canadians live with increased health risks due to obesity. 

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