Tax increases for Americans: A door opens for expansion to the U.S.— La Presse

Niko Veilleux

May 17, 2021

The economic environment, combined with the capital gains tax proposed by U.S. President Joseph Biden’s administration, has created favourable opportunities for acquisitions. La Presse reporter Hélène Baril spoke to  Niko Veilleux, a partner, in Osler’s Corporate Group, about the possible opportunities that lie ahead.

“People can borrow for next to nothing,” says Niko. “There’s a lot of money in the market. Along with an accelerating technological shift, we’re seeing a willingness to take risks and a high level of confidence in the future.”

On the buy side, companies that have managed their balance sheets well during the pandemic are in a favourable position. The rise of the Canadian dollar is also making acquisitions in the U.S. more affordable.

On the sell side, baby boomers and late career entrepreneurs are expected to want to sell their businesses now to recoup the maximum amount on their investment.

“Clients are on the lookout for transactions,” says Niko, who points out that acquisitions have continued to be completed in the midst of the pandemic despite the difficulty of travelling to see and inspect the desired assets.

“All professionals in the field, whether lawyers, bankers or tax specialists, will be very busy this summer.”

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