A lawyer at the forefront of blockchain – Droit Inc.

Laure Fouin

July 29, 2022

Osler partner Laure Fouin, recently named Co-Chair of the firm’s Digital Assets and Blockchain practice, spoke about her practice with Droit-Inc..

Laure highlights the success of Osler's Digital Assets and Blockchain Group, which she leads with Matthew Burgoyne, Co-Chair and partner. She believes the practice group has positioned itself favourably on the national stage because of its range of expertise: "We work on almost every area of law with the desire to serve the entire ecosystem."

Her addition to Osler also brings a new vision to the group: "Business models and ways of operating companies require a vision and an understanding to be able to take a fresh look at laws and regulations," she adds.

Laure also spoke on the most recent turmoil affecting cryptocurrencies indicating that "This cycle provides an understanding that, like in traditional capital markets, there will be ups and downs. We are seeing the cleanup of bad actors".

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