Osler launches ESG Explorer podcast

Patrick G. Welsh

Jun 14, 2022

Osler is proud to launch ESG Explorer, a new podcast focusing on the environmental, social and governance issues affecting Canadian businesses today and in the future.

Alongside knowledgeable guests from Osler and across the business world, Osler partner Pat Welsh guides listeners through the critical ESG developments facing modern organizations.

From evolving regulatory requirements and investor activism to the physical effects of climate change on business operations and more, ESG Explorer is essential listening for Canadian and global companies at the forefront of these exciting and important developments.

“ESG issues have become business-critical issues, and we are looking forward to exploring all things ESG in a format that is accessible, informative and entertaining,” says Pat. “This podcast is meant for a general business audience, not just lawyers — and for the curious, not just the converted.”

In the first episode, Osler Corporate partner Andrew MacDougall joins Pat to discuss the International Sustainability Standard Board’s proposed sustainability and climate disclosure standards and where they fit within the world of ESG disclosure.

You can listen to the first three episodes now on osler.com, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.