The retail DE&I imperative – Retail Insider

Andrew MacDougall, John M. Valley, Jennifer Jeffrey

Nov 22, 2022

Retailers and other companies intending to grow beyond their current customer base and increase the profitability of their brands must focus on women and visible minorities as both consumers and prospective employees, Andrew MacDougall, John Valley and Jennifer Jeffrey are quoted as suggesting in a Retail Insider magazine article. The article features content from Osler’s 2022 Diversity Disclosure Practices report.

Those retailers not focused on women and visible minorities may be limiting their potential innovation and success in a more substantial way than they could imagine. As Andrew, John and Jennifer are quoted: “Women represent more than 50% of the population. If you are looking to recruit the best and the brightest talent to your organization, wouldn’t you want to eliminate potential impediments, real or perceived, to recruiting from half the population?”

“And similarly, if you are marketing products or services to Canadians, you might benefit from having a cross-section of perspectives in senior leadership that reflects to some degree the demographics of the population.”

Read the full article by author Sean Tarry in the November 2022 edition of Retail Insider magazine