Client Spotlight – Fighting COVID-19 – Cyclica

Osler clients are leading the way in fighting COVID-19. We are proud to work with these companies that are developing innovative solutions and providing their resources to help fight this disease.

Cyclica is a Toronto-based neo biotechnology company that is decentralizing the discovery of medicines by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and computational biophysics. Cyclica is ranked as a Top 100 AI company by CB Insights and a founding company of the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

Since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyclica has been mobilizing and deploying its resources to better understand the virus and work on developing a potential treatment. In late January 2020, Cyclica created a COVID Task Force, and within a few days, their AI-augmented drug discovery platform Ligand Design identified potential opportunities to treat COVID-19 with existing drugs through a process called repurposing. They have been testing the effectiveness of those drugs against COVID-19 and have partnered with multiple research institutions around the world. Related to the work of the COVID-19 Task Force, Cyclica recently introduced PolypharmDB, a resource of drugs and their predicted binding targets across the human proteome. PolypharmDB is just one initiative in the works at Cyclica. The company has shared these molecules with a number of research institutions for future testing.

Cyclica has also recently created the Cyclica COVID-19 Stimulus Plan, which invites researchers and biotech companies focused on COVID-19 to use Ligand Design at no upfront cost. Find out more information about applying for the Stimulus Plan here.