Client Spotlight – Fighting COVID-19 – Grocery Hero

Many Osler clients are contributing to the fight against COVID-19 in meaningful ways.

Grocery Hero is a recently launched platform to help healthcare workers on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19 get access to groceries delivered by volunteers. The service matches a healthcare worker with a volunteer who lives close by to shop for them and deliver their groceries. The healthcare worker pays for the cost of the groceries but not the delivery. The service allows volunteers to help support medical professionals who are working long hours and do not want to go inside grocery stores and risk exposing the public to COVID-19 that they may have contracted at work.

As of April 16, 2020, Grocery Hero has had over 4000 sign-ups from across Canada and has matched over 900 medical workers with a volunteer shopper in their neighbourhood. Over 70% of these matches are between Canadians who live within 1km of one another.

Matthew Lombardi, co-founder of Grocery Hero, told CP24 that the service was created after speaking with "a doctor friend who expressed frustration that they could not sign up for grocery delivery with most of those services dealing with an unprecedented surge in demand."

Osler is proud to have assisted Grocery Hero by providing pro bono legal advice.

"The Grocery Hero team is so grateful to Brian Gray and Osler for the firm's support. Bootstrapping a not for profit in the middle of a pandemic is challenging, but Osler stepped up to make sure we have the legal support we need to operate," says Matthew Lombardi.

For information on registering as a volunteer or healthcare worker for the platform, visit