Contract Performance Management Conference - Contract Risk Management: How to Protect Yourself

Event Information


September 28, 2016


3:45 PM - 4:45 PM


The Canadian Institute


Contract Risk Management: How to Protect Yourself



Delivery Method

Upcoming Events - In Person


Osler Partner Andrew Wong is speaking at the Contract Performance Management Conference on the topic of Contract Risk Management: How to Protect Yourself. 

Andrew Wong co-hosts this session with Jennifer Tuer, Senior Legal Counsel at Bruce Power LP.

The session will discuss:

  • Leading causes of contract litigation and how to avoid them
  • How to account for multiple risk, regulatory and compliance issues in a contract
  • Strategic approach to minimizing cost and risk to the organization
  • Be proactive, not reactive: Proven tactics for asking questions pre-contract to keep minor problems from escalating to the point of litigation
  • Apportion resources for project appropriately based on risk appetite, risk analysis and desired end result
  • Protect yourself from insolvency risks and know your rights in cases of insolvency
  • Consider unique risks that exist in small contracts and may wreak havoc on a project

Registration Info

To register, please visit the conference page on the CI website.