Webinar - Managing Securities Class Action Risk: Practical Strategies for In-House Counsel

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July 19, 2016


12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

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Securities class actions are a significant risk for all public issuers. Even in the absence of a misrepresentation, a sudden drop in share price can lead to lawsuits – which can divert attention from the business, impede the raising of capital, harm reputations and lead to enforcement proceedings. In-house counsel must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively.

Join us on July 19 for a 45 minute presentation about defending securities class actions by Osler litigators Mark Gelowitz and Allan Coleman and Sullivan & Cromwell litigators Robert Giuffra Jr. and Matthew Schwartz. This presentation offers key strategies for mitigating the impact of a lawsuit, specifically:

  • How you should respond when a securities class action investigation or lawsuit is announced
  • How you can manage multiple proceedings, including cross-border proceedings
  • How you can use preliminary motions to narrow or dispose of a lawsuit at an early stage

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