Webinar: So You're Faced with a Class Action, Now What?

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July 6, 2016


12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

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Update: This webinar can now be watched on demand.

From avoiding reputational damage to ensuring document preservation, your initial response to the threat of a potential class action can dramatically impact the outcome and the affect it has on your business.

Worried your business isn’t prepared to respond to a class action?

Join us on July 6th for “So you’re faced with a Class Action, Now What?” which will highlight the key information you need to thoroughly brief your board and senior management when faced with an impending class action, specifically:

  • Assessing the scope and size of the action

  • Understanding the business and legal implications of the various stages of a class proceeding, from certification to trial

  • Mitigating the impact, including crisis response (e.g. public relations and dealing with stakeholders such as customers and suppliers)

This 45 minute webinar will provide you with tangible takeaways to help your company weather the storm an impending class action creates.

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