Insights into the Proposal for Derivatives Business Conduct Rules in Canada

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June 8, 2017


30 MIN

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Webinar (On Demand)


Canadian derivatives regulators recently proposed rules and related guidance for derivatives dealers and derivatives advisers, which are intended to ensure that all such firms are subject to minimum standards in relation to their business conduct towards customers and counterparties. Regulators developed the proposed rules with the intention of protecting investors, reducing risk, improving transparency and accountability and promoting responsible business conduct in OTC derivatives markets. Among other things, the proposed rules would, if adopted, prescribe requirements for: (i) fair dealing, (ii) responding to conflicts of interest, (iii) know your client or counterparty, (iv) enhanced obligations to less sophisticated market participants, (v) avoiding tied selling, (vi) fair terms and pricing, (vii) disclosure and reporting and (viii) compliance and recordkeeping. Certain exemptions would be available for derivatives end users, foreign dealers and advisers, investment dealers and Canadian financial institutions.

Join Blair Wiley and Mark DesLauriers for a 30 minute webinar designed to quickly get you up to speed on this rule proposal so that you can assess the potential impacts on your business.

Insights into the Proposal for Derivatives Business Conduct Rules

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