Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference

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March 27-28, 2019


7:30 AM - 2:30 PM


International Council of Shopping Centers


Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building
Toronto, Ontario

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Hammering It All Out: Construction Law in the Leasing Context – So You Think You Know Construction Lien Legislation? Meet Alberta, Québec and British Columbia

Fabrice Benoît, Partner
Matthew Huys, Associate

Our experts will walk us through the particular and unique construction lien legislation regimes of QC, AB and BC. You’ll learn about the key statutory provisions regarding construction liens in each of these jurisdictions, as well as some potential pitfalls and traps to avoid.

The Other “F” Word

Yan Besner, Partner and Program Planning Committee Vice-Chair

Andraya Frith, Partner, Franchise & Retail

In today’s ever-shifting and increasingly competitive retail industry, brand owners and retailers are looking at innovative uses of existing retail space and creative ways of capturing market share, including through co- and multi-brand bricks-and-mortar retail shops, virtual malls and store-in-store concepts. Each of these new models raises potential franchise issues for the brand owner. In addition, traditional franchising is no longer reserved for international expansion initiatives, as retailers are increasingly looking to the franchise model for their domestic operations. This workshop will explore some of the legal issues retailers need to consider in order to avoid being an “accidental franchise” and will provide an overview of a franchisor’s obligations under Canadian franchise legislation should the brand owner decide to embrace being a franchisor.

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