COVID-19 Return to the Workplace: Employer FAQ

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June 25, 2020


1 Hr

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In May, Osler’s Employment & Labour team hosted COVID-19 Return to the Workplace: Employer Preparedness, a webinar guiding organizations through the state of economic reopening in Canada and what to expect looking ahead. As our team received a record-breaking number of client inquiries related to the program, this webinar was created to address your top voiced concerns.

Joined by our expert guest speaker Maja McGuire, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at North York General Hospital, and Principal of Practice Health Check, a boutique infection control solutions consultancy, we discussed:

  • Can an employer conduct temperature checks?
  • Should employees be required to wear masks and do employers have an obligation to provide them? Can employees refuse?
  • What other PPE should employers be considering?
  • What should an employer do if someone refuses to attend the physical workplace, or is not permitted to enter the workplace because they have symptoms?
  • What should an employer do if, once we return to the workplace, someone tests positive for COVID-19?
  • What is Ontario’s new law regarding constructive dismissal and deemed COVID-19 leave?

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