COVID-19: The Ontario government has closed down most construction sites – what happens now?

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April 8, 2020


40 MIN

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Osler’s Construction & Infrastructure team has developed an insightful webinar, which provides practical answers to difficult questions resulting from Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s April 3 announcement to shutter certain construction sites. Questions addressed include:

  • How does the order apply to my construction project?
  • If my construction project is a non-essential workplace, what should I do at the site?
  • The site is closed down – what happens at the site now?
  • What do I tell my employees who have been working on these projects?
  • The work is delayed because of the order – what happens to the contract time and contract price?
  • What are some of the ways that I can proactively manage current or future disputes in light of the closure of my construction project?

For responses to questions raised during the webinar, read: FAQ: COVID-19 - the Ontario Government has closed down most construction sites what happens now?

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