Where’s the Money? – Liquidity Strategies for Business Leaders in the COVID-19 Era

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July 7, 2020


30 MIN

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Webinar (On Demand)


As Canadian and US economies poise to restart, and businesses plan for recovery, managing liquidity remains business-critical. Businesses are seeking to understand the best options for liquidity and risk management in the current, shifting debt market, to effectively strategize for the months ahead.

Joyce Bernasek and Elizabeth Mpermperacis will provide Osler insights into the state of the financing market and top-of-mind concerns for corporations and lenders, with an eye to developing secure and flexible financing strategies going forward. Topics include:

  • Taking stock of the major financing concerns of corporations and lenders in the early days of the pandemic and economic shutdown, and how it may inform next steps
  • A review of the current state of debt markets, including concerns about covenant waivers and amendments; the MAE threat; and new potential intercreditor relationships
  • Liquidity options available in the market, including alternatives to traditional bank financing such as government financing options and bond markets
  • Considerations for the remainder of 2020

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