Open Banking Expo Canada - Open Banking will be here by 2023

Event Information


November 23-24, 2021


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Open Banking Expo Canada

Delivery Method

Upcoming Events - Webinar


The Open Banking Expo Canada presents Open Banking will be here by 2023, a two-day virtual event discussing future strategy for the initial Open Banking framework. Join Elizabeth Sale as she participates in a panel debate: Consumer directed finance - shaping Canada's fintech future. The debate will discuss:

  • Open Banking in Canada – the latest developments influencing the market
  • What are the Canadian consumer directed finance power players up to?
  • How is Bill C-11, Retail Payments Activities Act (RPAA), ISO 20022, the incoming FDX triggering change across the ecosystem?
  • Moving from speculation to action: Is there value for government and industry to bring Open Banking to Canada before an official framework has been established?
  • Is our digital and payments infrastructure ready to move from CDF infancy to adolescence?
  • Can we wait for the time and effort for the rules to be written? And do we have to? Or can industry lead the adoption and experimentation of facilitating Open Banking?

To learn more about the webinar, visit the Open Banking Expo Canada's website