Osler Annual Women's Event

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November 18, 2021


1 HR

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Webinar (On Demand)


As part of our wider initiative to support women in achieving success in their careers and to promote diversity in our workplace and community, this event is an important opportunity for knowledge sharing and discussion. It also gives us the chance to host our clients virtually with recognized Canadian women leaders who are breaking barriers.

This year, we are excited to host a panel of remarkable women entrepreneurs who are defying obstacles, building great businesses, and raising funds for growth. Moderated by Michelle McBane, Managing Director at StandUp Ventures, a seed-stage fund investing across Canada in female-led or co-led high growth ventures, she will be joined by Eva Wong, co-founder, and COO, Borrowell, a company whose mission is to make financial stability possible for everyone, Stephany Lapierre, the founder, and CEO of Tealbook, a highly coveted supply chain thought leader that leverages state-of-the-art machine learning concepts to deliver high-quality supplier data light-years ahead of traditional, manual methods, and Bernadette Butler, co-founder and CEO StoryTap, a patented video storytelling platform enables well-known brands to increase brand engagement and conversions by harnessing the power of authentic social customer and employee video stories at a global scale.

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