Automate your franchise documents with Osler Dash

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June 1, 2022


25 Min

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Webinar (On Demand)


Is your team spending too much time on franchise documents? The franchise disclosure and contracting process can be cumbersome, inefficient and prone to error. But there is a better way.

Join Gillian Scott and Julia Farr to see how Osler Dash addresses these and other common pain points to keep franchisors ahead of the curve. Osler Dash is an automated solution that streamlines your franchise disclosure and contracting process, tailored to the unique needs of your business and built with compliance in mind. In this webinar, attendees will:

  • learn how the Canadian legal landscape impacts the disclosure and contracting process for franchisors
  • explore the features and functionalities of Osler Dash
  • learn how Osler Dash automates the end-to-end franchise contracting lifecycle from the generation of candidate-specific documents to managing the electronic signature process
  • understand the benefits of using a franchise-specific contracting software coupled with Osler’s franchise legal expertise
  • see how Osler Dash compares to other contracting software on the market

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